The first week in January we held our annual gathering of 3DM leaders from North American in rainy/sunny California. It was so encouraging to hear all the good things God is doing across the movement! 3DM Team Leader Paul Maconochie shared with us a powerful image of shifting from root development into branch development, showing us that we have moved from a season of pruning into a season of growth.
His message was confirmed by the fact that attendance at our annual gathering has doubled each of the last two years. We also heard reports of many new initiatives across the movement, such as equipping people to minister to survivors of human-trafficking and kids aging out of foster care, training teams in more effective church- planting and worship leading, responding to the needs of smaller churches, and increasing the diversity of our leadership! Although we don’t yet see all the fruit that still to come, we do see the branches that will produce good fruit taking shape.
In light of this encouraging news we want to share with you a need and an opportunity to get 3DMovements onto a more secure footing in preparation for the good things that are coming.
Since we are not yet in a place where normal revenues can fund a reasonable operating reserve, as a Board we are asking the leaders of this movement to make a one-time contribution to the 501c3 Non-Profit with the goal of establishing a $25,000 operating fund. This is in keeping with our understanding of the New Testament financial model of GIVE-SHARE- MAKE. The work we are doing is allowing us to MAKE some income and we are certainly learning to SHARE resources in lots of creative ways, but now it is time for us to begin asking people to GIVE to support this Kingdom movement.
James tells us we do not have because we do not ask, and that applies to both our relationship with God and with each other. So, we are asking God and you to help us lay a stronger foundation for the harvest that is surely coming.
Thank you for your prayers and partnership as we follow Jesus and lead this Kingdom movement together!