Webinars are an easy way to meet and interact with our team.
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Upcoming Webinars

  • January 31st 1pm EST – Dick Wiedenheft[email protected] – https://zoom.us/j/562582894 – Leading Change: Transitioning the Established Church
  • February 5th 10am PST – Pat Dirkse – [email protected] – https://zoom.us/j/3774655945 – Starting Right: The essentials of running a small business
  • February 21st 1pm EST Brandon Kelly – [email protected] – https://zoom.us/j/933174494 Living a Naturally Supernatural Life
  • March 21st 1pm EST – Brandon Kelly – [email protected] – https://zoom.us/j/445780254 How to Tune Into God
  • April 4th 1pm EST – Brandon Kelly – [email protected] – https://zoom.us/j/608442979 Creating a Prophetic Culture