Information Doesn’t Make Disciples

One of our basic axioms at 3DM is that information alone is not enough to make disciples. Lots of ink has been spilled in pursuit of getting the right information into people’s hands so they’ll grow as disciples of Jesus, but if we’re honest with ourselves, it simply isn’t working. It isn’t consistently producing people who look like Jesus. Something more is needed.

That “something more” is a discipling relationship where we can combine the information of discipleship with a living example to imitate (“Imitate me as I imitate Christ,” the Apostle Paul said).

That’s why we have Learning Communities

Because of this, we developed Learning Communities to model the process of discipleship that we train leaders to implement in their churches. It’s essentially an ongoing discipling relationship that includes in-depth teaching, hands-on training, and contextualized coaching that trains churches to make disciples, empower their leaders, and catalyze movements of God’s kingdom in their cities.

Learning Communities: Upcoming OnrampsA 3DM Learning Community is a two-year journey of culture change for your church. We walk with you to help you build a discipling culture and catalyze missional momentum in your community.

It starts with a 4-day immersion experience that incorporates teaching, tactical training, hands-on coaching, and a chance to experience proven vehicles for discipleship and mission.

Here are the locations and dates of upcoming NEW Learning Communities for fall 2014 (click here to get started)

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