What is FORM?
Form is a training year in missional leadership and discipleship that equips individuals and couples to serve God more effectively in their communities, the workplace, and the world. Led by a team of missional practitioners and church leaders from across the Twin Cities, FORM offers the opportunity to be part of a kingdom movement mobilizing missional disciples, impacting our communities and beyond, while being rooted and engaged in your everyday life and your local church.

FORM is for leaders who want to want to grow in character, build leadership capacity, and develop their skills so they can be a catalyst for the kingdom wherever God calls them. Applicants must be 20 years or older.

Form is intentionally designed to train and disciple while the participant is engaged in everyday life. Those who work full time are encouraged to apply as FORM takes a night-class format in regards to time.

Who leads FORM?
There is a team of leaders who lead participants through this formation process. There are others who lend their voices throughout the experience bringing expertise and training from various spaces in culture.

The Form program will run from September 2016–May 2017. Tuesday nights from 6-8:30pm.

What is the commitment?
Form is an engaging, fun and supportive environment, but it calls for a high level of commitment. In addition to the Tuesday teachings, there will be about an hour or two of reading a week, a commitment to serving your local church in some way as well as developing a Personal Development Plan to guide your formation.

What is the cost?
FORM costs $1,250 for the year ($1750 for couples). A limited number of scholarships are available. Participants will need to purchase 4-6 books in addition to the tuition costs. Tuition pays for space, speakers, resources, administration & facilitators.


Stephanie Williams

Pastor - Mill City Church

Stephanie's passion is equipping people to participate in God's mission to the world God loves. She brings experience in leadership, coaching, neighborhood engagement and training to the FORM setting.

Dale Durie

Pastor - Seeds

Dale brings decades of ministry experience to the FORM environment. He has experience leading and coaching individuals and teams across North America. Dale brings a theological expertise to our training with his years of experience as a theology professor.


Jo Saxton

Pastor Jo Saxton is a writer, speaker and missional practitioner. She pastors Mission Point Church with her husband Chris. Jo is the Chair of the board of 3DMovements, a missional discipleship movement in the US.

She has had experience in the UK and the US leading missional communities and discipleship. Jo lends her voice to FORM on the topics of leadership, family on mission and contextualization.

Paul Eddy

Dr. Paul Eddy (PhD, Marquette University) is Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. He also serves as a teaching pastor at Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul.

He has done significant work in New Testament theology, particularly in the areas of christology, atonement, covenant and spiritual warfare.

Christine Osgood

Dr. Christine Osgood has her doctorate of ministry in Spiritual Formation (Bethel Seminary) and is a marriage and family therapist. She is the director of The Urban Retreat which offers various spiritual formation retreats and experiences.

Her greatest desire is to see individuals and groups of people be holistically transformed into people who congruently live loving-kindness, generosity, compassion and care for the world around them. In FORM she brings her experience with Contemplative traditions of Christian spirituality and family systems to guide participants to grow in their intimacy with God and purpose in mission.

Stacey Jones

Pastor Stacey Jones leads Urban Jerusalem, a church in North Minneapolis whose mission is to presenting the Kingdom of God in relevant form, through making the unknown God known by providing a Hip-Hop approach to worship.

Stacey has experience teaching on many areas including: conflict, marriage, urban and hip-hop culture & reconciliation.

Marque Jensen

Marque Jensen has been living in North Minneapolis and participating in community development for over 30 years. Originally from rural Iowa, Marque has dedicated his life to racial reconciliation through roles as a pastor, through public policy and community development organizations.

Marque brings extensive knowledge of Minneapolis, it's history and how current systems need to change in order to bring freedom and growth in areas of poverty and oppression.