Answering the Millennial Question

One of the major elements of the sustainability and multiplication of the missional discipleship movement is identifying and empowering emerging leaders. FORM, a two semester discipleship and immersion experience designed to equip young adults in character and competency, was birthed early in the Sheffield context and has been a core component of their leadership pipeline.

As the movement has sprouted on the scene here in the USA, FORM has come with it. Chris Norman, Senior Leader of Grace Gathering and 3DM Hub Leader, took the risk of resourcing and investing in millennials and launched FORM Fort Wayne in 2015. The ROI is significant. Not only have the young adults had massive personal breakthrough in spiritual identity, deploying them throughout the church has shifted the culture of Grace. There is a younger feel, spiritual fervor has increased, and there are more testimonies of the power of God at work. Five of the FORM graduates are on staff now and several more are key volunteers in the youth and prayer ministries. Nine of the thirty young adults who have been through the process, came from other churches to experience the life-changing year. They are now leading ministries and moving the discipleship cultures in their local church.

FORM Fort Wayne is now accepting applications for the experience beginning September 11, 2018. If you have a young adult in your community with the potential for leadership and a longing to engage—then FORM is the perfect opportunity to empower them to accelerate the momentum of the missional journey for your church.

Click here to find out more—or here to watch a video of testimonies from the first year.

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