3DM Virtual Learning Communities

What is a Virtual Learning Community?
We are gathering teams into the virtual context, via video conference, to experience the same teaching, training and tactical consultation that is offered in our onsite learning community (LC) journey. We believe the virtual LC will offer an increased dynamic of nuanced consultation, access to a broader range of our leadership and a pace that will suit many teams better. All of this without having to leave home!  This offering is targeting those churches who cannot otherwise join us for an onsite LC.

Overview at a Glance

  • Monthly 3 hour gatherings with multiple teams via video conference
  • Cost is $300/team/month
  • Includes one spot in a weekly 1 hour coaching huddle
  • Available offline consultation
  • Opportunities to visit churches around the US who are implementing these principles, vehicles and practices
  • Supplemental onsite visits for those interested

The Virtual Experience
4-5 teams gathered monthly
via Zoom video conferencing –

  • Zoom offers a dynamic virtual platform with integrated whiteboard and recording capabilities.
  • We are recommending a team size of 3-8, but there are no limits to how many people you can have in your room for each session. Feel free to rotate team members or invite members of your leadership to sit in on any session even if just to listen in.
  • This pace will allow us to take the LC journey in bite sized pieces, giving teams ample time to digest, process and internalize what they are learning.
  • We will also have ample time for nuanced dialogue and consultation during sessions.

We are expanding the content from our current onsite LC journey to include the following training –

  • Understanding the church’s calling to be Red Hot Centers of life and mission.
  • Developing your church’s unique operating system rooted in a biblical DNA.
  • What it means to operate as a Family on Mission.
  • Building a Discipling Culture to power your missional purpose.
  • Architecting your Leadership Pipeline for maximum reproduction and sustainability.
  • Releasing the Missional Impulse of your people through mid-sized communities.
  • Increasing the movemental capacity of your church: moving beyond addition to multiplication.

Weekly Coaching Huddle

  • This is a weekly 1 hour video conference call with the leaders from each team in the Virtual LC.
  • The Coaching Huddle is designed to develop the leader’s skills in the nuanced application of many of our core toolkit as well as increase their ability to lead one of our core discipleship vehicles – the huddle.
  • This experience will equip the team leader to in turn lead their team in the huddle experience, preparing them to multiply this experience within their respective teams.


  • The cost is $300/team/month and the journey is about 24 months –
  • This cost includes the monthly Virtual LC training sessions as well as the weekly Coaching Huddle.

Virtual Learning Community Extras
Supplemental Investments at additional cost (not necessary to virtual LC journey) –

  • We are encouraging participating churches to orbit through one of our Hub Churches if possible. Our Hub churches are the proof in the pudding, Red Hot Centers of life and mission. Having been on the journey for years, they reflect their own nuanced expression of our teaching and training.
  • Onsite Visits – We’re happy to spend some time on your campus with your leadership to delve further into anything that is helpful.
  • Come visit us – We’re happy for you or your team to spend time with us in our local context for an opportunity to look behind the veiled curtain into how we are living out the things we teach and train.
  • Additional video conferencing – There may come a time when your team desires exclusive, extended coaching and consultation amidst this journey. We’re happy to create that space for you and help your team process through anything that is helpful.

Next Steps
If you are interested in processing this opportunity further, please contact Eric Pfeiffer at 843.461.5934 or [email protected].