1. Small church on a BIG Mission: Developing a culture of discipleship and mission in smaller church contexts – Get your copy today from 3DM Publishing.
  2. Disciple Self-Assessment – This tool (an innovation utilizing the Triangle and the Character & Competency questions from Building a Discipling Culture) is available in the appendix of the book and as a free on-line resource.
  3. Small Church Webinar – Provides an online 1-hour introduction (via Zoom) of available disciple-making, culture-shaping tools and resources from 3DM shared from the perspective of a Small church on a BIG Mission practitioner.
  4. Pilot Coaching – Provides eight online 1-hour sessions inviting participants to journey deeper with select disciple-making, culture-shaping tools and resources from 3DM.
  5. Team Introduction – Relational capital and life-on-life engagement are crucial in the development of a discipling culture.  This offering, available in either a 3-hour or 1.25 day format, introduces teams to 3DM tools and resources through hands-on experiences.
  6. Coaching + Learning Community + Network – Connection to your local 3DM Hub to receive practical support for the journey of building a discipling culture in your context. 

Upcoming Webinars

  • Monday,  February 12 @ 10 / Mountain
  • Thursday,  February 22 @ 10am / Mountain
  • Monday, February 26 @ 10am / Mountain

Contact Jeff Allen to get involved!