1. Small church on a BIG Mission: Developing a culture of discipleship and mission in smaller church contexts – Get your copy today from 3DM Publishing.
  2. Disciple Self-Assessment – This tool (an innovation utilizing the Triangle and the Character & Competency questions from Building a Discipling Culture) is available in the appendix of the book and as a free on-line resource.
  3. Small Church Webinar – Provides an online 1-hour introduction (via Zoom) of available disciple-making, culture-shaping tools and resources from 3DM shared from the perspective of a Small church on a BIG Mission practitioner.
  4. Pilot Coaching – Provides eight online 1-hour sessions inviting participants to journey deeper with select disciple-making, culture-shaping tools and resources from 3DM.
  5. Team Introduction – Relational capital and life-on-life engagement are crucial in the development of a discipling culture.  This offering, available in either a 3-hour or 1.25 day format, introduces teams to 3DM tools and resources through hands-on experiences.
  6. Coaching + Learning Community + Network – Connection to your local 3DM Hub to receive practical support for the journey of building a discipling culture in your context. 

Upcoming Webinars

Jeff Allen celebrates the blessing of being a part of a small church on a BIG Mission. Join him for this webinar as he shares a bit about his journey.  Jeff writes, I am blessed to serve as a pastor of a relatively small church that happens to be a part of one of the mainline denominational groups (Reformed Church in America). The journey of being pastor has been far from easy (as the book confesses), yet it has also been a journey filled with blessings that I could never have imagined decades ago—blessings that have helped me celebrate that I am a part of a small church on a Big Mission.  Contact Jeff to join the webinar at [email protected] and check out all of 3DM’s upcoming webinars here.

Alos, go to www.smallchurchbigmission.org to learn more.

Contact Jeff Allen to get involved!