Our vision is to CHANGE the world
by putting DISCIPLESHIP and MISSION back into the hands of everyday people

About 3D Movements

3D Movements is a global movement made up of leaders, church leaders and lay leaders from across the globe. God is moving in many tribes and in many different ways and we continue to work alongside these leaders to put discipleship and mission back in the hands of ordinary people. We work alongside and partner with many leaders and groups including Alan Hirsch, Hugh Halter, Caesar Kalinowski, Verge, Exponential, Wheaton College, Northern Seminary, IF, Virginia Baptist, Spence Network and many, many more.

3D Movements has hubs in the Southeast, Southwest, Bay Area, CA, Fort Wayne, and Minnesota led by Eric Pfeiffer, Bob Rognlien, Mike McCoy, Chris Norman and Per Nilsen, respectively. 3D Movements is also led in Europe by Rich Robinson and in Brazil by Rogerio Olimpia. The European team lead out the work in Australia and New Zealand with many great leaders from those countries.

3D Movements values…

Jesus as the Model
because the way of Jesus is as important as the words and works of Jesus

Family at the Core
because who we are becoming is as important as what we are doing

Life on the Edge
because leaders by definition are the ones who go first

Listening for the Word
because becoming like Jesus is a journey of both Spirit and Truth

Celebrating along the Way
because purpose and play make the family work

How 3D Movements Started

Long before “missional” became a Christian buzzword, St. Thomas’ Church in Sheffield, England started getting outside the walls and experimenting with everyday mission. It operated in a post-Christian culture that wasn’t friendly to Christians, and they knew that if they were going to reach the city for Jesus, it wasn’t going to happen by inviting more people to a church service.

So they began to use tools and vehicles that allowed them to BE the church instead of just GOING TO church. They took their faith out into the streets, to the college campuses, their living rooms, the pubs. Over the course of a decade or so, they quietly started a missional revolution. People were becoming disciples of Jesus from all kinds of backgrounds, and the gospel was being shared in every cultural nook and cranny of the city.

sheffield01At the heart of it all was a church culture that didn’t just create converts or invite people to church services — it made disciples that were learning to live like Jesus did. They trained people to listen to the voice of God and respond, to pass along what they were learning, to become leaders. The people they trained in turn trained others, and they trained others. Disciples made disciples, who made disciples, who made disciples. It was becoming a movement.

Eventually many of the key leaders of St. Thomas’ felt called to move to the United States. 3DM was birthed out of a desire to train leaders in the US in the principles, vehicles, and tools that were empowering the movement in Europe.

This movement now spans several continents and is centered simply on seeing Jesus transform the world by putting discipleship and mission back into the hands of everyday people.

how to get involved

Learning Communities

a two year journey of culture change

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engage with the word, works, and ways of Jesus

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learning to imitate the life and leadership of Jesus

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